Why Instagram is a fast growing and popular marketing platform

  • Posted on: 23 February 2016
  • By: admin

As a platform for marketing, Social Media has proved the best tool ever since its introduction. Yes, for a lay person, this platform has proved a boon to keep in touch with others. However, while Face Book and Twitter depend on the written word, Instagram with it focus on pictorial messages stands out from the crowd. This unique aspect has proven mighty beneficial to brands that use this platform for marketing.

For a layperson, the use of this platform makes so much sense. They can run their pictures through different software in order to enhance the same. Adding a professional touch and editing them will help make it look appealing to everyone who views the profile.

Focus on the visual aspect makes it more effective

For a marketing person, the social media platform is the most effective in terms of impact and cost. It provides a simplified method to keep people updated about the brand. You can upload a number of different photos on a daily basis on the platform. These can talk about what the brand stands for and its product range. However there has to be some discretion exercised. Uploading too many photos could lead to the account being blacklisted. People need to be fed information in short dosages. This will allow them to absorb and assimilate the information with ease.

Brands can share “backstage” photos and information about the company with visitors/followers. This information should make them valued as a client. Here the term client can refer to someone who wants to make a purchase at a future date. By showing them that they are interacting with humans and not answering machines, brands can enhance their reputation greatly.

Use it as a the main contacting portal

Brands often assume that their website should be the main place of client interaction. They are not wrong in that assumption. However, they can enhance the interaction aspect by using Instagram. The platform can be used to snare and catch potential customers on the first try. Potential new buyers can be shown updates of products before anyone else in the world sees them.

The use of hash-tags is perfect when it comes to Instagram as a platform. Different updates can be grouped together and made into an album. Visitors could be invited to share their favorite moments in the album. They can also be invited to vote for their best album.