When to use and when not to use Facebook parse?

  • Posted on: 22 February 2016
  • By: admin

It is quite obvious that most of you will have this question in your mind. For them you need not to bang your heads on the wall anymore because through this content we have tried to clear all your queries regarding Facebook parse.

So when to use Facebook parse?

Facebook parse can be used for wide variety of purposes few of them are resetting passwords and linking accounts to remote areas. Thus by means of Parse we can keep anything safe and secure. With the use of few codes you can easily connects to your user. The application developers need not to worry about the complex infrastructure or server maintenance anymore. Moreover, they just have to pay their attention in creating great user experience.

Types of Parse

So basically there are three major types of Facebook Parse which are as follows :
1. Push Parse
2. Parse Core
3. Parse Analytics

Each one of them has their unique identity and works accordingly. For instance,

  • Push Parse has the capability to provide you with simplest solution to complex problems.
  • It also enables the developers to send push messages to millions of users from all around the world with just one click.
  • Parse Core can store large amount of data by means of secure methods.
  • Parse Analytics can track the growth of your application and provide you with detailed idea about your firm.

when not to use Facebook parse?

Although there are infinite advantages attached to the use of parse however there are certain flaws which you need to consider.

Facebook application developers were among the first few who brought such flaws to the attention of the public such as :

  • Scalability - some types of errors noticed in this fields are like- the queries are limited to 10,000 records, timeout loss, instability with the system and few more.
  • Pricing - the application developers considers cost factor of Facebook parse to be one of the major drawbacks of parse service.
  • Maintenance - maintaining Facebook parse is quite a job to do. You need to go through all the database management system and might also have to run few servers side codes.


Every tool has practical advantages and disadvantages but it is completely up to you to decide when you want to use such services depending on the goodness and flaws at the same time.