Use the hottest new marketing platform

  • Posted on: 22 February 2016
  • By: admin

Use the brand new platform

In the age of online marketing, Instagram is fast gaining popularity. Due to its use of visual media over written, more and more people are using this platform to record their daily activities. The fact that people can directly like content of anyone leads to greater interaction as compared to platforms like Face Book. What that means is that total strangers can interact with relative ease on topics they like.

So what does this mean for companies? If i am the owner of a brand, it provides a brand new way to reach out to a lot of potential customers. Why is that? For starters, any Instagram account that has a decent number of updates is viewed as a positive thing. People will understand that the owner of the account has some knowledge of the topic being advertised. This means that they will start following the account. They will like the photos being posted and share the content with others.

How to use it for revenue?

So the question is – How can you increase revenues based on the same? There is no fixed formula for the same. The derived formula is a combination of product based pictures and advertisements to the target audience. However, everything that you post should be compatible with the mobile phone. The reason for the same is simple. Most people who use this platform operate it on their mobile phones. Hence every content including the ad does have to be mobile friendly. You have to link your latest campaign with pictures of the products. This will help you showcase the items being sold with ease. You can also link it with your website and showcase the other products being sold by you. You can also add information about you and your company to lend some credibility.

Most importantly, you need to keep your website also mobile friendly. What this means is that when a potential customer visits your website through their mobile, then they should be able to view it in an optimal manner. This also means that every element in your website should work correctly. It also means that your advertisements should be tailor made for a younger audience. The reason for the same is that Instagram is mostly used by a young audience. They find this platform much easier to communicate as compared to other social media websites. So keep this age factor in mind when designing your campaign.